Saturday, July 16, 2011

Toilet Shelf from scrap plywood

Our toilet did not have any shelf where we could put stocks of tissue paper and other things.  Fortunately a neighbor had lots of large scrap plywood that I was able to salvage.  For the base of the shelf, I cut the largest board to 9-3/4" x 22", for the top 5" x 23" and two boards of 11" x 8" for the sides.

The base was cut shorter by 1 inch so I could nail and fasten the two side boards to its side while the top board nailed onto the top of both side boards.  The bottom of the shelf was fastened that way so that nails hold it horizontally thus more holding strength.  If it were nailed vertically to the bottom sides of the side boards, time will come when the load of the base would slowly undo the nails and board down because of weight.

Fastening the toilet shelf to the wall, I fashioned three cuts of 1/8" x 1" x 3" aluminum flat bars into 2" x 1" 90 degree angle bars.  Two for bottom and one for the top.  I drilled 1/8" holes to screw them on the shelf then to the wall.

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