Monday, July 18, 2011

Plastic bottle replaces Hose

When filling plastic or steel drums from a faucet, we normally use a water hose to do the job.  It is mostly troublesome to use the entire length of a rubber or plastic garden hose because of its bulk.  Cutting from it a short length to reach the drum could just be a waste because the faucet connector will need to be replaced at the main hose.  If the tap water faucet has no threads to screw it on makes another problem.

Instead of that, I looked for alternatives on how to get the water from the faucet reach the drum.  We had different sizes of plastic bottles and I chose the right size to make it as a conduit in place of the hose.  I put a hole the size of the faucet almost at the bottom of the plastic bottle.  With that inserted, it is convenient to fill the drum and I could hear water flowing in.  Once the deep sound becomes lighter, you know the drum is almost full.  Compared to a hose, it is mostly submerged in the drum and you do not hear the water flowing.

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