Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Computer table assorted parts

After buying a new desktop, I had a dilemma on how to fit it next to our other desktop that is on a ready-made computer table.  So I had to "trim" down extended parts of the ready-made table.  The space next to it now had the same dimensions as where old table is positioned.  I have a small table 13.5"wide x 24"length and 26.5" high where tool boxes were on, and in it.  Then there is also a 20" x 26" table top covered with formica that I fixed on the small table top.  That's a temporary table for the new desktop.

I was considering to buy a computer table or maybe have a custom one made.  It took me about  two weeks trying to find one with the dimensions needed at the same asking around for the cost of a custom made table.  The prices I canvassed were at least Php 2,000.00 ($50.00) and above.  Also I did not like the materials they used for ready-made ones, and, custom made with the materials I like will cost at least twice!

Relying on what I know I can do, I found a steel frame of an old CPU, stripped it off until I had only a sturdy 3-sided frame.  Installing it upright, it was enough to clear the 20" LCD monitor.  The  3 pieces of wood I trimmed off the other table was good to be cut into size to serve as table top of the steel frame where the new CPU is to be put.  I joined the 3 pieces of cut wood first with contact cement and screwed on small galvanized plates on the joints.  I also supported the top frame with the use of aluminum square tube to fully support the weight of the CPU.

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