Sunday, July 17, 2011

Grill charcoal tray hole remedy

The charcoal tray of our griller rusted out with use and had a big hole in the middle.  I never considered taking it to a welding shop to have the tray fixed as it will again cost me something I might not be willing to pay.  Laying a metal sheet on top of the tray bottom will also work, but the thought of ashes going under it will make things messy, was not a good option.

Instead I thought of forming a galvanized flat sheet with the same dimensions as the inside of the charcoal tray will be better.  With my experience in metal sheet working and moulding, it was done in half a day.  Trimming sharp corners made it safe from injury when grilling or cleaning the charcoal tray.  Excess on the edges were folded out for more convenience in lifting it out for cleaning.  It only cost me $1.00 for the piece of galvanized sheet I bought from a welding shop.

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