Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scrap to Cellfone stand

From various scrap plastics from old computer components, scrap shoe in-sole pad and plastic business card box, I was able to create this cell phone stand.  It was just a matter of sifting through the different plastic casings that I have saved and stashed away.  The container was a little bit wider and had some protruding teeth that was simple to break cleanly with a pair of pliers.

The in-sole pad was cut to size so the cell phone would fit snugly at same time as protection for the phone's casing.  For the back support I cut an "L" from another piece of hard plastic and half-inch from one end of the business card plastic cover.  To hold the three pieces together I drilled a small hole through all of them and bound them with a small bolt and nut.

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