Sunday, July 24, 2011

Small Frying pan handle remedy

Our smaller stainless steel frying pan is used daily - the reason why its handle gave in earlier.  There was no heat-resistant stub that remained as it all crumbled to tiny bits.  Anyway it is not being used for prolonged cooking and mostly for heating food or frying eggs.

When I made or fixed the handle, I still had an oxy-acetylene torch set.  Instead of doing a full metal weld, I did a bronze weld to preserve the properties of stainless steel.  The extended  handle was fashioned from a piece of flat stainless steel "folded" to wrap around the original handle stub.  This resulted to a handle that does not get heated too much for normal handling.

Do this only if you are familiar with the process as bronze welding require the use of flux for proper adherence of the bronze to the surfaces involved.

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