Sunday, July 7, 2013

Built-in HDD

For those having problems in upgrading or reformatting their computers, check if your CPU has a built-in HDD.  When you check your system it will show as unallocated space in the the HDD.  In reality, it is a built-in hard drive in the motherboard or HDD where  it has files for the OS of the CPU.  This is common with branded computers.

The branded CPUs have their own Windows OS that would have been arranged with Microsoft without necessarily having keys or codes to activate them.  Microsoft online will immediately recognize an operating system they have assigned to a manufacturer.

What this manufacturers have not realized is that their computers will be difficult to reformat in the event it is required.  They have some files that are not common for market sold OS.  When reformatting the market Windows OS might just fail to complete the reformat because it will need drivers only available to the manufacturer.