Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to Use Silicon paste

Processors and heat sink fans will always need to have Silicon paste applied in between them when being installed.  After dis-assembly for cleaning, you will find the paste between to have hardened and have breaks, some stay on the processor and others stick to the heat sink.  These will have to removed and the surfaces cleaned well with a cotton bud dipped in rubbing alcohol.

When Silicon paste is not applied during re-assembly, chances are the computer will turn off on its own in a short while.  This is because the processor has heated up and can not be cooled down by the heat sink fan.

In applying Silicon paste, it should be well spread out evenly on the surface of the processor.  About a millimeter thin film of the paste should do the work to help the heat sink cool down the processor.  While too much paste can drip down the processor and could ruin some of parts of the computer motherboard.

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