Monday, July 2, 2012

How to remove crankshaft pulley bolt

The usual tool in mind to loosen the bolt of a crankshaft pulley is an impact wrench.  Many though have not been successful in using them.  There are other methods that can be used to loosen a crankshaft pulley bolt.

One quick way to do it is fit in a socket or box wrench (usually 19mm size) and let the other end rest against something fixed and sturdy where the engine would rotate.  The starter then could be 'flicked' several times until the bolt loosens up.  Before flicking the starter make sure that the high tension wire to the distributor is removed so the engine will not run.

When doing this method, make sure no one is around or near where the crankshaft pulley is.  There is a tendency for the wrench to fly-off when the crankshaft pulley bolt comes loose.

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