Sunday, September 8, 2013

War Commander newbies

If you are a newbie at War Commander and only have one base, it will take time to level up.  Having two bases (accounts) in WC will make one as support to your main base.  You will need two different email addresses and two accounts on Facebook to do this.

This is effective because you can send to both bases the resources you need especially if you do not have friends in WC.  Begging for resources or deposits on chat can get you even in trouble because you might be stealing depos.  With two accounts at WC it will make it easier to level up for both bases.

Both bases can even be used to conquer a higher level rogue base. Use the secondary base to break the rogue then the main base to get all the resources.  Make each of your base help each other in getting to a higher level.  A secondary base that is three or more levels lower than the main base is useless in helping get resources from rogues.

Watch out though because Kixeye has a way to know a secondary base because it will make rogue attacks on it more than the main base.  Good luck newbie war commanders!

War Commander attack strategy

Attacking at War Commander does not necessarily mean you surround the enemy or rogue base with platoons.   You could easily lose your plats because of eagerness to go for the kill.  Assess first the defense of the base.  Find out the weakest side then try to hit it with at least level 8 Cobras.  Bring in a platoon that has a combination of gatling, razorbacks and tanks with at least 2 dogs to clear the land mines.

If the defense does not come out immediately with ground forces, try to bait them with the dogs.  Select only the dogs to approach little by little.  If no ground forces move then it's highly possible that they will stand their ground waiting for attacks.  Use the razorbacks to do some damage first with the Cobras behind them. Have at least 10 Cobras to be effective throughout the attack.

Put the tanks behind the razorbacks to help if there are any Valkyrie is in the air.  Retreat your ground forces if enemy ground forces and the silo activates sending drones.  Find another side far from the silo to launch another attack.

In doing this, it will help prevent damages and long repairs to your units.  Use one platoon at a time.  Do not itch to attack by blitz because you could lose more than what you want.  After each air attack enter the base and heal your air.  It will help on the next rounds of attack.

NOTE:  Those who are below level 30 are advised to use this strategy and tactics.  Once you are level 30 you will have more options.  I'll try to answer questions on this, if there are any.

War Commander base set up

After having tried several base set ups in War Commander, I have finally found the right setting.  I determined the range of the turrets and got my level 4 defensive barricades surround the base just little inside the range of the turrets.  This means that while ground vehicles try to break them the turrets will be able to start hitting them.

The effective range of WC watchtower shows in red.
The level 4 Watchtowers are manned by ERMs, Stingers and Mortars positioned north, east, west and south, alongside the turrets.  The watchtowers have longer and wider range that helps cripple ground forces and weaken them by the time they reach the barricades.  Most of ground forces will be for easy picking.

In between the turrets and command center are the power plants and metal storage.  Power plants when destroyed weaken the effective range and power of the turrets.  The metal storage is protected because it is harder to earn them than oil.

Combined firepower and range of WC turrets and watchtowers
Note that landmines are at the edge of  effective range.

The other ground defensive force of the base are eLasers, eGats, Megas, Shock troopers and ERMs.  Their number is balanced enough to repel invading forces and save the base.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Built-in HDD

For those having problems in upgrading or reformatting their computers, check if your CPU has a built-in HDD.  When you check your system it will show as unallocated space in the the HDD.  In reality, it is a built-in hard drive in the motherboard or HDD where  it has files for the OS of the CPU.  This is common with branded computers.

The branded CPUs have their own Windows OS that would have been arranged with Microsoft without necessarily having keys or codes to activate them.  Microsoft online will immediately recognize an operating system they have assigned to a manufacturer.

What this manufacturers have not realized is that their computers will be difficult to reformat in the event it is required.  They have some files that are not common for market sold OS.  When reformatting the market Windows OS might just fail to complete the reformat because it will need drivers only available to the manufacturer. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CMOS error

The trouble with many motherboards of computers is having or showing CMOS error whenever you switch on your PC.  It is frustrating when you know your PC is less than a year old and already having that problem.

Manufacturers of motherboards, especially those made in China, have that problem.  Usually it should just be updating the BIOS and everything should be alright.  But, no, it's not that way anymore.  The problem could either be the 'botherboard' needs exactly the 3-volts of the CMOS battery and no less, or, the CMOS battery provides less than 3 volts.

It happened to an EMAXX motherboard and I thought replacing the CMOS battery solved it.  The solution was only good for one day.  It was the same thing on the second day showing CMOS error but there was actually none.  The earlier errors before replacement was the date and time.  Now there are no actual errors.  Just press on F10 and all is good.

The issue is, if the AVR is turned off, it seems the CMOS battery no longer does the job it needs to do.  It does not save the basic info it needs to start the CPU normally.  So, if you do not want to getting into BIOS every start up, leave the AVR on.  That will save precious minutes of going over BIOS and starting the computer.