Saturday, December 29, 2012

Windows 7 boot failure fix

Windows 7 has been a pain in the neck ever since we tried using it at our internet shop. We formatted back all our operating system to Windows XP as we did not have that much of a problem with XP, except for one computer.  Two days ago, this computer started having boot failures until it would no longer boot.

We have tried reformatting it back with the Windows 7 CD installer but never succeeded.  It had so many excuses.  The remedies online were also tried but none of them worked.  We have a SATA HDD on the CPU and also with another computer that had XP as operating system.

For fear that the 500 Gig SATA might have gone defective, I installed it on the CPU that has a 250 Gig SATA with Win XP OS.  When I started the one with XP, it went to CheckDisk mode on the 500 Gig SATA.  It corrected all the disk errors.

When I installed back the 500 Gig SATA to its original computer it booted normally with Windows 7.  It first showed "Launch Repair" with "Open Windows normally" and I opted for the latter.  Yes, it booted normally with Windows 7 with no problem at all.  This simply shows that Windows XP is far superior to Windows 7 as it was able to fix what the Windows 7 installer CD could not.

I hope that Microsoft will continue supporting Windows XP as it shows to be a support for succeeding Windows OS that could not fix their own problems.

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