Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tips on screwing & tightening bolts

Problems with loose or worn out threads with screws, bolts and nuts come at a time when you're about done with a job.  It often happens when using metal or aluminum screws on plastic and wood because of over tightening.  To avoid this, stop tightening when twisting the screwdriver or wrench finally resists from turning any further.   Forcing it will either damage the wood or plastic thread pattern.  It also happens when tightening metal-to-metal or aluminum-to-aluminum screws, bolts and nuts.

Never force tighten screws, bolts and nuts beyond reasonable strength.  Always bear in mind that only heavy duty equipment and machines would require extra effort in tightening bolts and nuts with the use of a torque wrench.  Hexagonal bolts with a cross slot for a Philipps screwdriver do not require extra torque. For this, it is still best to tighten with a screwdriver than a wrench.  Avoid using tools like pliers, vise-grip or forcing wrong size wrench for loosening them up unless utterly necessary.

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