Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Repairing some plastics

Partially damaged plastics can be repaired in many ways.  Some attempt to repair or patch plastic with Adhesive Epoxy.  It does not stick well to many types of plastic.   For thick and hard plastics it is possible to use scrap galvanized sheets as backplate where the damage is located.  Cut out the galavanized sheet a little larger than damage.  Mould or shape it close to the contours of the inside part of the damage.  Drill holes strategically  for rivets to bind both plastic and galvanized sheet.  You can fill in gaps or imperfections by covering it with glue gun plastic. 

Backrest of computer chair has a plastic swivel.  The inside was backed with galvanized steel shaped to its contours.  Blind rivets were applied in four strategic points so the galvanized sheet holds firm the torn portion with the rest of the swivel.

The plastic stool chipped off and cracked.  Galvanized sheet was placed underneath and riveted.  To even out the gap, glue-gun plastic was used to fill and cover the chipped out part.

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