Monday, July 6, 2015

War Commander Workhorse - HellHound

In upgrading the Workhorse and HellHound, get better results and upgrades by getting them to several battles.  Letting them get lost in one battle does not give good XP.  Make sure that they are able to hit and get hit by opponents that are a threat to them.  Bunkers and others that are not a threat don't give much XP.  They only get XP if they kill infantry from the bunkers and what not.

Best XP comes from attacking several rogues, special ops and thoriums.  Make sure that you hit only those that are a threat.  Putting the Workhorse and HellHound on AI or R.U.B.I. makes them hit buildings that are not a threat.  The hit they get from defenders and turrets does not work much for XP if they can't kill them.

Try it and you'll find out.  Don't believe too much on those YouTube videos - they don't tell everything.  Most as all crap and old videos.  Lost many toons and long repairs by trying them.  Only very little from videos really say the real thing.