Thursday, May 31, 2012

Internet connection or network adapter problem

Your computer has been working good and connected to the internet for as long as you know you have been using it.  But suddenly, one day, when you switch it on it shows you have no internet connection.  What needs to be checked are:
  • Your cable or wifi connection 
  • Verify with your ISP if there's anything wrong with their service
  • Check on your network adapter for any flaws
Most likely when you try to establish internet connection through the network  it would not go through because of missing requirements.  You find this impossible because you are aware that it was working fine and now this!  No matter how often you try to install the the network adapter and try several drivers for it, it simply would not work.

That's what exactly happened to one of my CPUs in our network.  I almost concluded that it was a motherboard issue.  After some thorough research, I found out that there is a reset button or hole near where the headset is being plugged at the rear of the casing!  (Most desktops would have and some might not)  All that needs to be done is switch off the CPU, unplug the power cord then press the button for a couple of seconds.  After that, plug in the CPU and switch it on.  It should have the internet connection again.  (TIP: If there is a small hole for the reset, use a paper clip to be inserted in the hole to press on reset.

Another possible cause would be the CMOS is corrupted and needs to be reset.  If clearing and resetting does not do the job, check on the CMOS battery, chances are it is already drained and will have to be replaced.  Symptoms of a CMOS battery going bad is the CPU time always resets to default whenever the computer is turned on.

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