Sunday, September 8, 2013

War Commander newbies

If you are a newbie at War Commander and only have one base, it will take time to level up.  Having two bases (accounts) in WC will make one as support to your main base.  You will need two different email addresses and two accounts on Facebook to do this.

This is effective because you can send to both bases the resources you need especially if you do not have friends in WC.  Begging for resources or deposits on chat can get you even in trouble because you might be stealing depos.  With two accounts at WC it will make it easier to level up for both bases.

Both bases can even be used to conquer a higher level rogue base. Use the secondary base to break the rogue then the main base to get all the resources.  Make each of your base help each other in getting to a higher level.  A secondary base that is three or more levels lower than the main base is useless in helping get resources from rogues.

Watch out though because Kixeye has a way to know a secondary base because it will make rogue attacks on it more than the main base.  Good luck newbie war commanders!

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