Sunday, September 8, 2013

War Commander base set up

After having tried several base set ups in War Commander, I have finally found the right setting.  I determined the range of the turrets and got my level 4 defensive barricades surround the base just little inside the range of the turrets.  This means that while ground vehicles try to break them the turrets will be able to start hitting them.

The effective range of WC watchtower shows in red.
The level 4 Watchtowers are manned by ERMs, Stingers and Mortars positioned north, east, west and south, alongside the turrets.  The watchtowers have longer and wider range that helps cripple ground forces and weaken them by the time they reach the barricades.  Most of ground forces will be for easy picking.

In between the turrets and command center are the power plants and metal storage.  Power plants when destroyed weaken the effective range and power of the turrets.  The metal storage is protected because it is harder to earn them than oil.

Combined firepower and range of WC turrets and watchtowers
Note that landmines are at the edge of  effective range.

The other ground defensive force of the base are eLasers, eGats, Megas, Shock troopers and ERMs.  Their number is balanced enough to repel invading forces and save the base.

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