Sunday, September 8, 2013

War Commander attack strategy

Attacking at War Commander does not necessarily mean you surround the enemy or rogue base with platoons.   You could easily lose your plats because of eagerness to go for the kill.  Assess first the defense of the base.  Find out the weakest side then try to hit it with at least level 8 Cobras.  Bring in a platoon that has a combination of gatling, razorbacks and tanks with at least 2 dogs to clear the land mines.

If the defense does not come out immediately with ground forces, try to bait them with the dogs.  Select only the dogs to approach little by little.  If no ground forces move then it's highly possible that they will stand their ground waiting for attacks.  Use the razorbacks to do some damage first with the Cobras behind them. Have at least 10 Cobras to be effective throughout the attack.

Put the tanks behind the razorbacks to help if there are any Valkyrie is in the air.  Retreat your ground forces if enemy ground forces and the silo activates sending drones.  Find another side far from the silo to launch another attack.

In doing this, it will help prevent damages and long repairs to your units.  Use one platoon at a time.  Do not itch to attack by blitz because you could lose more than what you want.  After each air attack enter the base and heal your air.  It will help on the next rounds of attack.

NOTE:  Those who are below level 30 are advised to use this strategy and tactics.  Once you are level 30 you will have more options.  I'll try to answer questions on this, if there are any.

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